It is people with vision who breathe life into a company and make its products come alive. Their personal touch, distinctive style and, above all, quality make it all possible. At Wilde + Spieth, this has been the goal and the result of our product design and product development for decades.

The W+S Classic Collection continues to inspire its fans today just as it did years ago. While it conforms to modern requirements, it has not lost any of its original personality.Its many different products, accessories, frame and material colors, types of wood, and stain colors help you to design your own classic.Even when it comes to orchestra equipment, WILDE+SPIETH has been the professional for ergonomic comfort and functionality for 50 years. 

With your health in mind, we develop and manufacture musician chairs, music stands and accessories that have many different adjustment options to optimally fit your body type.


One of the most famous architects of post-war modernism in Germany.

His most famous buildings include the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in Berlin, the Bonn par- liament, the German Embassy in Washington and the Olivetti towers in Frankfurt.

With his dedication he inspired not only his stu- dents and clients. Just two of his many awards are „The Grand Prize of the BDA“ (Federation of German Architects) and Germany‘s „Grand Order of Merit“.

The architect came to WILDE+SPIETH looking for suitable shutters for his buildings. In 1948 already he asked the forward-looking question: „Children, can you make chairs too?“

A close and friendly cooperation began and to- gether they developed Eiermann’s famous pro- duction furniture made of wood and tubular steel in the years and decades that followed.

Professor Egon Eiermann died in 1970 in Baden- Baden.





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