Overgaard & Dyrman is a contemporary furniture maker and design studio based in Denmark. Founded in 2013 by Jasper Overgaard and Christian Dyrman, the O&D studio exists as a collaborative platform for creating original and meaningful lifestyle objects crafted from the highest quality materials.

Merging traditional techniques with modern technology, Overgaard & Dyrman’s approach to production bridges the past with the present. By utilizing the best of from both the old and new, O&D is actively preserving traditional skills while also pushing the limits of what is possible with 21st century tools.

Products by Overgaard & Dyrman are often inspired by geometry and forms found in nature. With each new design, Overgaard & Dyrman remains focused on creating authentic expressions of engineering elegance meant to inspire and delight. During the development process, all O&D pieces are meticulously refined so that every specification enhances the ergonomic experience while also celebrating each product’s method of construction and rich materiality.

All Overgaard & Dyrman products have been made by a team of skilled craftsmen and women in Denmark ensuring a very high level of quality.

Who we are


Jasper Overgaard and Christian Dyrman - friends and university classmates turned business partners. While bothwere trained at The Royal DanishAcademy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, Jasper and Christian bring acomplementary set of unique skills and passions to the brand’s leadership.With their shared background in engineering and product design, each of Overgaard & Dyrman’s designcollections are rooted in a unique dual fascination with both functionality and eleganc

Jasper Overgaard, Co-Founder and Creative DirectorAs creative director, Jasper’s focus is on the studio’s general creative direction and on individual project andcollection development. A passionate student of natural materials and traditional craft techniques. Before co-founding O&D, Jasper worked in the design industry asa product designer and strategic design consultant,during which time he designed a number of products for Japanese furniture and craft companies.


Jasper Overgaard holds a Bachelor of Science in IndustrialDesign from Aalborg University and a Master of FineArts in Furniture and Spatial Design from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen


Christian Dyrman, Co-Founder and Technical DirectorAs Technical Director, Christian oversees the studio’s technical projects and production processes. With hisbackground as a trained blacksmith, Christian has been able to design and build many of the custom tools,fixtures, and molds used in production of O&D’s unique products. Before co-founding O&D, Christian workedfor a Danish textile and furniture company.


Christian Dyrman holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design from Aalborg University and a Master ofFine Arts in Furniture and Spatial Design from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. He is afully certified professional blacksmith





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