Marta Sala’s Éditions is a line of furniture, objects and lighting created in collaboration with the Lazzarini & Pickering.

Marta Sala inherited a unique sense of beauty and a business spirit from mother. In 1947, her mother Maria Teresa Tosi co-founded iconic furniture company Azucena with her uncle, the architect Luigi Caccia Dominioni and Ignazio Gardella, two of the country’s most prominent modern architects. In recent years, the company - known for its sleekly elegant - and increasingly collectible - furnishings was helmed by Sala and her sister Anna. In 2015, Marta realized that she was ready for her own project and launched Marta Sala's Éditions brand.

Ambitions of Sala is to design furniture with Italian roots and at the same time with actual expressive silhouettes.





Russia, 197101, St. Petersburg, ul. Kropotkina 1, Business center "Senator"
M +7 931 580 31 06


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