Lightovo is a Polish studio, founded in 2013 in the city of Lodz by Agnezhka Yanukatis, an industrial designer and her friend Zuzana Krause, a lawyer by education. The studio produces 1 model of decorative lamp for plants - Milo baby.

Milo baby is a glass lampshade for plants. The lamp also serves as a plant pot and a permanent source of light. The 4000K LED is as close to daylight as possible. LED does not heat the plant and in any way does not harm him. Milo lamp comes in two versions as a pendant or table lamp. The studio uses hand-blown glass, an array of birch or beech to produce the product. The company provides a wide range of wood finishes.

“Nature inspires us every day. We want to bring beauty, naturalness and warmth to everyday life, as well as remind people of our closeness to nature, recall our roots. ”





Russia, 197101, St. Petersburg, ul. Kropotkina 1, Business center "Senator"
M +7 931 580 31 06


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