Ten years ago, on an icy night in Stockholm, a young talented Swedish designer met a Danish guy from the design-furniture industry. Their shared passion for architecture, design, and life itself made the two inseparable. That’s when it began: the start of a relationship that changed both of their worlds and brought about the birth of Friends & Founders.

Ida Linea and Rasmus Hildebrand´s years of experience within the field of design, interior architecture, product development and sales
     led to the creation of a new collection of furniture, lighting, and objects. The style was ahead of its time. Only a few hours into their first fair, the international design press embraced Friends & Founders and affirmed what the two creators had felt so strongly.

The philosophy of Friends & Founders is spreading to all parts of the world. We make new friends every day, and it’s a great pleasure to follow the results of these new collaborations. The diversity of projects and installations are wide, which is exactly what we hoped it would be. People are using Friends & Founders´ products to support their own personal universe or company identity.


Today the collection is stronger than ever. A firm decision to manufacture locally in Scandinavia and Europe turned out to be a wise choice.
It has allowed us to manage the craft behind the manufacture of products. And with that control we can be flexible and ready to deliver on our clients’ special requirements. 



The designs take influence from a Scandinavian heritage in terms of quality craftsmanship and the idea of surrounding oneself with fewer, more essential things. By way of ensuring a product’s longevity and utility Friends & Founders strives to find new materials and methods of design.

“We want people to understand that it’s worth investing in innovative, contemporary furniture where multi-functions are built in, thinking about how to expand the use of the product. Also where the manufacturer has thought about sustainability in designing and producing objects that will last,” 





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