In order to provide beauty and personality, Doimo deciphers the trends and follows the human´s evolution and their space. For this, translates through its furniture: simplicity ,creativity and technology ,introducing a scenario that adapts to all styles of life.
Stablished in 1994 , the company is currently a joint venture italo-brazilian located in the city of Ribeirao das Neves, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Always marked for design, the company posses a sector of proper development of products directed by the architect Marcelo Ligieri, who signs great part of the collection.

Through an eclectic mix of materials, enables the creation of more different environments, wood, metal, textile, leather and glass become agents to customize your project.





Russia, 197101, St. Petersburg, ul. Kropotkina 1, Business center "Senator"
M +7 931 580 31 06


Tenisheva Polina

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