Armadillo&Co is inspired by collaboration, a search for the uncommonly beautiful, and most of all, the human touch.

All products are infused with the rich history and traditions and craft of India.

All carpets are made by hand using natural fibers without impurities.

The owners of the company have a high social responsibility, investing in education, creating a school for the children of their employees.


Jodie and Sally met in 2007, and were inspired to create elegant simple and quality rugs which they could not find for their own homes. What they couldn’t find, they decided to make, founding Armadillo & Co to fill this niche.


Jodie grew up in Australia and now lives in Los Angeles. She holds a Bachelor of Design from NIDA and has a background in film costume and production design. Jodie was working on Bollywood films during the 2001 earthquake and spent time rebuilding villages in devastated areas. Jodie started her first business employing and empowering Indian women to create textiles using traditional techniques.


Jodie is a recipient of the Australian Telstra Business Award and was acknowledged by TIME Magazine as one of 100 Top Green Most Influential Designers.


Sally was born in Zimbabwe, educated in South Africa and now lives in the Adelaide Hills.


Sally has a passion for beautifully made products and traditional crafts. After emigrating to Australia, she became a Chartered Accountant. Her financial background and logistical mind are invaluable to the Armadillo & Co operations.





Russia, 197101, St. Petersburg, ul. Kropotkina 1, Business center "Senator"
M +7 931 580 31 06


Tenisheva Polina

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